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Video Interviewing, screening, assessment & live conversations – advanced, powerful and affordable


A digital assessment tool that supports organisations to identify future potential in candidates


The leading experience-driven onboarding platform, changing onboarding experiences for good

Broadbean Boost

A programmatic solution by Broadbean Technology, allowing you to simplify programmatic posting with no sacrifice.


Look beyond someone’s CV, assess who they really are, what they want to do and how they want to do it.


Uncover top methods for ensuring Diversity & Inclusion throughout your talent acquisition process


How ‘Employer Fencing’ can be used to deliver your messages to talent working for your competitors.


The most complete recruitment marketing and campaigning capabilities you’ll find in one platform.


An online student recruitment platform that enables employers & education providers to target and engage students


Personalised ‘real-life’ pre-hire assessments for volume hiring

Real Links

An optimised employee referral platform that matches best candidates in employee’s networks to jobs


Turn active and passive candidates into qualified applicants through targeted advertising

Eli Onboarding

Experience-led onboarding tech that empowers HR to create successful onboarding experiences


Turning interviews into insights through automation, conversation intelligence and interview collaboration


Turns employees into brand ambassadors and referrals into your most successful recruiting channels


Powerful, intuitive TA platform that makes collaborative hiring easy for you, your team & company


Make smarter decisions, slash recruitment spend and time-to-hire, improve CX & ramp up team productivity


Attrax is the total careers site system which converts site visitors into high-quality job applicants


Zinc sets the new standard for automated reference and background checking tools available on the market


Acts on your behalf to interview EVERY candidate at scale with a friendly & reliable conversational text-chat interview


A highly configurable and intuitive ATS to efficiently attract and select the very best talent


Best hiring decisions by measuring culture-fit and competency-matching through psychometric online games 


Helping companies make great talent decisions by fast tracking your best talent and gaining highly detailed insights


The 2020 People’s Choice – A digital assessment centre platform for a paperless and virtual approach


Pre-screened and ready to interview, source and assess tech candidates from the UK’s most engaged talent pool


Horsefly Analytics provides data that supports businesses to make more informed accurate decisions around hiring strategy.


Employee-generated video platform aiding teams to amplify their message to better engage colleagues, candidates and clients.


Find out how to utilise our 24/7 Q&A platform, Live Chats, and Chatbot to boost your employer brand & Candidate Experience.


Candidate & employee experience platform that ensures new candidates have sense of belonging at each stage


Niikiis is a plug & play intuitive employee experience platform, which saves you both time and money in the process

Arctic Shores

Pre-hire assessments capture work-relevant natural behaviours, providing interactive assessments and more authentic data

Candidate ID

Candidate.ID is a leading marketing automation for pipelining, nurturing and recruiting ‘in-demand talent’®.


The Interview Intelligence Platform — Metaview uplevels the most important part of your recruitment process: Your interviews.


Collaborative and anonymous panel interviews to reduce bias, capture and analysis of interview data, auto-generated feedback to improve CX.


Jump is an Inbound Talent Attraction (ITA) platform where only the people employers want to hire apply for their roles.


Recii is an AI driven conversational voice platform used in the assessment of candidates


Handshake connects you to talent across the country at scale to source from a larger, more diverse, candidate pool.

Grad DNA

The perfect candidate experience solution – attract, assess and book and interview on your mobile.

Cornerstone – Talent Link

A consumer-grade TA platform that helps enterprise organisations discover, engage, assess, select, hire & onboard the right people.


Fight discrimination and enable opportunity with Headstart, applicant matching and management software for early talent teams.


A platform that helps you adapt and recruit talented engineers faster and at scale–turning new challenges into your greatest opportunities.


WORK180 helps you build a diverse workforce, delivering high-quality candidates across different backgrounds.


A comprehensive Talent Acquisition Suite to attract, engage, hire, onboard, and promote the talent your business needs to succeed.


HiPo-i is a digital assessment tool that supports organisations to identify future potential in candidates.


Elbo is the smarter way to build high-performing digital teams, hiring tech professionals has never been easier


Vervoe predicts job performance using skills assessments that showcase the talent of every candidate.


Psychometric assessments, skills testing and applicant tracking system designed for in-house recruiters


Supporting organisations around the globe to attract, engage and select talent remotely with an award-winning video recruitment platform.

Syft by Indeed

Syft is the UK’s number 1 on-demand staffing platform, matching workers with employers in Industrial, Care, Retail and more


BAM by Papirfly empowers your global employer brand teams across the world to store, share and create marketing assets.

Hiring Hub – Portal

A recruitment agency marketplace. It helps companies find and work with best specialist recruitment agencies in the UK.

CW Jobs

Put your diversity and inclusion policy into practice with targeted programmatic advertising solutions to attract candidates.


Hidden within your business, a subscription service hiring talent
using our bias-free technology


SonicJobs revolutionises the way candidates search and apply for jobs on mobile.

People Matter

Combining leading human understanding and technology to design wellness solutions that help people and organisations be at their best.

Sixty Seconds

On-demand videos to get your brand noticed. Sixty Seconds will turn your team into expert content creators with fast, easy videos at scale.


The job app that is absolutely nothing like a job app


From our coding community to our technical assessments, we can help you hire the best tech talent from start to finish