Fundamental technologies every recruiter needs

Fundamental technologies every recruiter needs

Fundamental technologies every recruiter needs

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Whether you’re purchasing your first job board or integrating the next breakthrough automation tool, there’s no doubt that technology is one of the foundations to becoming a successful talent acquisition function. Technology has the ability to transform your function from reactive cost centre to a pro-active value centre by providing rich and detailed data sets that can deliver real-time insight to your active attraction, engagement, selection and on-boarding strategies.

With the plethora of technologies emerging onto the market everyday, it’s easy for our industry to feel overwhelmed when selecting which to add to their stack. Luckily, Talent Tech Rising is back on the 23rd of April to help you find the digital solution that’s perfect for your function!

So what are the fundamentals you should be looking out for?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
The foundation of any tech stack is an applicant tracking system. In its basic form it is an online portal to manage the talent that has applied for roles within your organisation. More advanced systems touch into the CRM world, offering a treasure trove of data and insight to deliver metrics. automation, re-marketing, and a seamless candidate experience.

Assessment Platform
A comprehensive Assessment Platform can help improve the quality-of-hire by understanding what good looks like within your organisation. At a basic level, you’ll be able to understand the behaviours of your applicants. With more advanced functions you can understand the DNA of your organisation, allowing you to plan for the types of people you’ll hire in the future.

Job Marketing Platform
Job Boards, Job Aggregators, or even a large CV Database is a good starting point for your attraction strategies. More advanced functions automate advertising of their roles across multiple platforms, not all directly tied to jobs marketing, specifically through the PPC model.

At Talent Tech Rising, we will have a selection of all of the aforementioned technologies at Vue Cinema in Leicester Square on the 23rd of April. Designed for technology lovers and newcomers alike, build an effective recruitment tech stack by grabbing a ticket today!


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