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No, you will not need to attend both daily sessions as they will be the same content repeated. Select which time suits you best and only join once. However, the content on Day 1 and Day 2 is different.

For any further help, please contact Graeme on graeme@recruitmentevents.co


TTR will be showcased on ON24, a platform purposely built to deliver this unique digital event experience to our audience.

To request more information from a technology, you will presented with a connection screen. Simply answer the poll and the technology will contact you shortly after the event.

You are not obliged to connect with any technologies you do not wish to hear from.

You can interact with speakers on the day with a private Q&A tool on your screen. You can also interact with speakers through a public group chat where you can converse with your peers throughout the event.

15-minutes before the event you will be able to access the lobby with a link you will receive in the build-up to the event via our comms.

ON24 is a fully digital platform, with multiple interactive features that keep you engaged during the event. You will be able to watch all the demonstrations and connect and vote for technologies throughout the day’s of the event.

For further insight, please watch the video to see how the platform will work.

Yes, you can access from any device.

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